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While ancient Egyptians were, by all accounts, black, the fact remains that their civilization was under foreign rule for the last 340 years before its collapse.  There are literally numerous funerary coffins from that time period—different from a traditional Egyptian sarcophagus—that bore portraits depicting the person inside.  These are referred to as Fayum mummy portraits.  They are clearly a departure from Egyptian practices and artwork, and are considered as direct Roman influence, so yes:  There is quite a lot of evidence as to the Greek and Roman occupation of Egypt.

As for Cleopatra, even her name is of Greek origin.  As mentioned above, she was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Greek rulers that served as Egyptian pharaohsThe land would be later ruled over by Romans, Arabs, and Muslims.  It is not known who her mother is, but it is speculated that even her mother may have been part Macedonian, and not fully Egyptian, thus putting even the suggested quarter of Egyptian heritage into question.  While both queens Hapshetsut and Nefertiti were of pure Egyptian lineage, Cleopatra was not.

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Or, if you’d like even more information, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few books around here on the subject.

But seriously:  Please do not make a post about the history of anything unless you are knowledgeable enough about it that you are not presenting a false account of someone else’s civilization.

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Lumberjack level: Canadian Source: Imgur


Lumberjack level: Canadian
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Cuando vuelvo a casa tras de una tarde de cañas con mis amigos…

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he sank the boat he was working on just to kill the captain


he sank the boat he was working on just to kill the captain

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